Planning Process

Strategies for State Policies and Spending
Delaware's Strategies for State Policies and Spending are used to coordinate state agency planning, resource management, and investments in order to support growth where it is appropriate and planned for, and discourage growth in inappropriate locations. These positive, proactive strategies seek to curb sprawl and direct growth to areas where the state, counties and local governments are most prepared in terms of infrastructure investment and thoughtful planning.

The strategies themselves, associated maps and related GIS data are available from the Office of State Planning Coordination at:

Comprehensive Planning
The Office of State Planning Coordination (OSPC) provides a wide range of planning assistance to county and local governments. Land use decisions in Delaware are made at the municipal and county level. The Office of State Planning Coordination works closely with land use planning agencies in all three Delaware counties and Delaware's 57 incorporated municipalities, all of which are required to keep their comprehensive plans up to date under Delaware State Law (22 Delaware Code, § 702). The Office of State Planning Coordination provides planning assistance to local governments through a group of dedicated "circuit-rider planners", as well as a variety of other resources.

Click below to read your County's Plan or information on updates in progress:

The OSPC also maintains a list of current comprehensive plan information for all of Delaware's municipalities. If you live in a town or city, you can find the status of your municipality's comprehensive plan and relevant links on the OSPC's website.

Delaware Municipal Comprehensive Planning: Guide for Writing Your Housing Element

DSHA has prepared a guide that provides basic information for a municipality to perform a housing analysis and create a housing plan. This guide describes the data needed to examine housing supply and demand, as well as the affordability of the housing units for the town's residents. After data has been analyzed, a housing plan can be created to set measurable affordable housing goals for the community.

DSHA's Guide:
Writing Your Housing Element: A Guide for Delaware Municipal Comprehensive Plans

Comprehensive Plan Checklist:
Comprehensive Plan Checklist Counties
Comprehensive Plan Checklist over 2,000
Comprehensive Plan Checklist under 2,000