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What do I do when the TRACS calculated assistance payment differs from reported value?
Sometimes, during the TRACS edits, TRACS calculations provide for a different AP than the AP provided on the 50059 and /or the HAP. This can happen as a result of a data entry issue or as a result of a transmission issue. You can research the information in TRACS by running the certification query, clicking on the HOH name and then clicking on the "Discrepancies" option.

Steps to resolve. This should be performed by the site staff.

  1. Review the family member's information.
  2. Review the family income, assets and expenses and verify that the amounts and dates are correct.
  3. Review the contract rent information.
  4. Review the utility allowance.
  5. View the 50059 certification that corresponds with this error.
    1. Review the family member information
    2. Review the income information
    3. Review the asset information
    4. Review the expense information
    5. Review contract rent
    6. Review the utility allowance
    7. Review the gross rent (line 34)
  6. If the member, financial information and unit rent information are incorrect, the site should update the appropriate records, paying close attention to the change date for the information being updated.
  7. Correct the 50059.
  8. If the correction is to be included on the next HAP, the appropriate adjustments will be included when in the next HAP voucher with the correction certification.
  9. If the member, financial information and unit rent information are correct, then there may have been a problem when the certification was recorded in to the TRACS database. If this is the case, the site should "correct" the 50059 using the administrative resubmission option and resend the 50059.
  10. If the correction is required immediately there are no required adjustments on the HAP for the correction, the site can simply send the corrected 50059.

How Do I correct a Move out for the Wrong Household?
We have seen cases where sites have submitted a move out record to TRACS. We have discovered that sometimes, property managers will process a move out for the wrong household. If this is not discovered before the MAT 40 is sent to TRACS, then we have to figure out how to get the household back in TRACS.

This is pretty easy once you know what to do. Just send the last MAT 10 as a correction or as a baseline. That MAT 10 submission will override the move out transaction. If there were other transactions after the effective date of the MAT 10 - such as a gross rent change or a unit transfer-those transactions will need to be sent as well.

What is the best way to correctly terminate assistance if we find that a household moved in to our property before they moved out of another subsidized community?
The dual tenancy/assistance issue is being closely monitored these days. If a move in has been submitted for a household that is currently receiving assistance on another property, it can be tricky to fix.

Unfortunately there are several options and it depends on the CA. Remember market rate certifications are not usually recorded in TRACS. So, CAs must decide if they want to record the Move in certification. If the CA does not want the Move-in transaction, the site has to wait to submit the Initial Certification with an effective date that coincides with the beginning of the assistance payment.

If the move in is accepted by the CA, a termination effective the same date as the move in will also be submitted and a manual adjustment for the single day of assistance will be made. Then, sites must submit the Initial Certification with an effective date that coincides with the beginning of the assistance payment.

Keep in mind that, in either case, the annual certification date will change to the month the Initial Certification is effective. Additional eligibility determination may be required as well.

What do I do when HUD terminates assistance for a household but I have already submitted the Annual Certification? F0144-Household assistance termination record already exists for household ID:
Because of the way TRACS works, there will be times when an annual certification is sent to TRACS but it does not get recorded. In this case, you will need to re-send the annual certification as a baseline.

This is tricky for CAs because CA software has also recorded the annual (their software probably matches site software). Site staff should let you know why they are re-sending a previously recorded transaction.

Steps to resolve:

  1. Annual certification has been sent.
  2. Create a termination using the same effective date as the annual certification. (Because of the way TRACS is designed, the termination will actually start the day after the effective date. Termination effective dates are the day before the subsidy stops.)
  3. Create a manual adjustment to offset the subsidy amount for one day of subsidy.
  4. Create an Initial Certification effective the day after the effective date of the move out from the previous property.
  5. The next voucher should include automatic adjustments. Check those adjustments for accuracy.

What happens when I get the error F0146-Household must be terminated before an initial certification can be processed?
If the site manager terminated the household in a previous transaction, this can be fixed by resubmitting transactions. Site software will not let staff create an initial certification for a household currently receiving assistance. So, we know the termination record is in the site software. This error indicates that the terminations was not recorded in TRACS or was overridden by a subsequent transaction such as a retroactive gross rent change.

Staff will have to re-send the termination record to TRACS before the initial certification will be accepted. If the information is coming from the site to a CA, these transactions will need to be submitted as corrections.

If the error indicates a different contract number, then this means that the household is receiving assistance at another property. This should be addressed by the CA or HUD or the site manager. The move in record can be submitted as a baseline, but some resolution regarding the situation needs to happen.

Basically, TRACS is indicating that the resident has not moved out of another property.

What can I do to make Gross Rent Changes work in TRACS?
It is imperative that you know what information has been recorded in TRACS before you submit a GRC. If a household does not appear as active in the TRACS database, the Gross Rent Change for that household will not work.

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Student Status

I have an applicant who is a single individual between the ages of 18 and 23. Are there any additional steps that need to be taken before they become a resident?

The owner/agent should be taking the proper steps to inquire about and verify student status. Additional information can be found in the 4350.3 Revision 1, change 1, and Paragraph 3-33. Information about student eligibility for Section 8 programs (effective January 30, 2006) can be found in 24 CFR Parts 5, 880, 883, et al. In addition, HUD has provided clarification to the student rule for Section 8 properties FR-5036-N-02.

This clarification can be found HUD Clips

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Important Links

Important Information

Please be advised that Delaware law has changed regarding application of pesticide by employees of apartment complexes with 4plus units. Please refer to Delaware Department of Agriculture website. Click on DE Department of Agriculture with a link to Pesticides (under Section and Offices) and Rules, Regualations and Laws - Delaware Code (under information). Reference Section 21.0 Institutional And Maintenance Pesticide Use Restrictions. Sites are responsible for ensuring that maintenance staff is properly trained or that certified professional applicators are hired.

The following link is for the Office of the State Fire Marshal's: State Fire Regulations 2006 - Effective August 11, 2006

New Castle County Sites:
The process for rental property owners to register with New Castle County is in progress. All rental property was required to be registered by May 1, 2006 and renewed annually. Please click onto Register with New Castle County

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
HUD's Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) has a website dedicated to providing guidance and information to ensure that people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful access to HUD programs and activities. The Final Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Guidance published January 22, 2007 in the Federal Register, two sets of frequently asked questions and webcast trainings are among the items that can be found on this important website located at

Links to Guides and Pamphlets
To get a summary of the Delaware Residential Landlord Tenant Code This summary will familiarize tenants and landlords with the provisions of this Code and their rights and responsibilities under the Code (25 Del.C. 5101 to 5718)

To view Special Claims Processing Guide frequently asked questions

To view Special Claims Processing Guide dated June 2006

To view Fraud Prevention Pamphlet

To view Fair Market Rents

To view Income Limits

To learn more about Student Eligibility Restrictions

For Free access to HUD's offical repository of policies, procedures, annoucements, and other materials, HUD Clips

To learn how to reduce errors in 50059 processing Multifamily Housing's Participation in the Rental Housing Intergrity Improvement Project (RHIIP) Initiative

To get access to Enterprise Income Verification(EIV) System. Look under What's New and click on revised instructions for accessing EIV Income Limits

To view Monthly Activity Transmission (MAT) User's Guide and explanations to MAT errors

Links to HUD Forms
HUD 1141 (Replaces Things you should know Form) Is Fraud Worth It? (English version) /(Spanish version)

HUD-9887 & HUD-9887-A Document Package For Applicant's/Tenant's Consent to the Release of Form (Contract Administrator's address to be filled in on this form is 26 The Green, Dover DE 19901)

HUD-27061-H Race and Ethnic Data Reporting Form

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