Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) - Kent/Sussex County

This program, operated in Kent and Sussex Counties only, provides funding for a variety of activities (rehabilitation, demolition and Housing Code enforcement) to maintain or improve existing housing, and for the provision of infrastructure in support of housing development for low- and moderate-income persons.

Each year, Kent and Sussex County and local municipalities within these counties apply to DSHA for a portion of this federal grant money. DSHA administers the funds to these governmental entities, which in turn use the money to help repair substandard housing and make infrastructure improvements in needy area of each county. Municipalities can request sewer and water system improvements, street repairs, street lights and other infrastructure improvements that support low- and moderate-income housing development.

How To Apply

  1. Make sure you (the borrower) meet all borrower requirements.
  2. Please review other information below.
  3. Download and review the provided program documents for further application instructions and forms.

Borrower Qualifications

  1. Local and county governments in Kent and Sussex Counties are eligible to apply. Both counties are eligible to receive Community Development Block Grant funds and administer them within their counties, and also on behalf of local governments.
  2. Local governments may also be eligible to receive awards directly.

Grant Administration

  1. Towns, municipalities and local and county governments are eligible to apply, receive funds and administer them locally as grants to home owners.
  2. Individuals interested in applying for funds should contact their local municipality directly.

Communities Awarded Funds in FY2016

  • Kent County - Frederica, Milford, Smyrna, Dover Air Park, Holly Hills MHP, Kentwoods MHP, Pinewood Acres MHP, Rodney Village/Kent Acres, Scattered Sites Rehab, Scattered Sites Emergency Repairs
  • Sussex County – Laurel, Milton, Seaford, Coverdale, Pinetown, Rural Ellendale, Scattered Sites Rehab, Scattered Sites Demolition, Scattered Sites Emergency Repairs, Scattered Sites Water/Sewer Hookups

Please download and review the documents below to learn more about this program, get forms, and determine if you qualify.

Guide to National Objectives & Eligible Activities for State CDBG Programs
Available from DSHA, or at:

Previous Years' Funding Round Documentation
To see older funding round documentation and information, please visit the CDBG Archival Funding Round Information Page.

DSHA Contact Person
Do you have questions about this program? Would you like to suggest an improvement to this Web page? Please contact:

  • Andrew Lorenz, Management Analyst III, at 302.739.4263
  • Albert Biddle, Kent County - Housing and Community Development Coordinator, at 302.744.2480
  • Brad Whaley, Sussex County - Community Development and Housing Director, at 302.855.7777