The Emergency Solutions Grants Program (ESG) is authorized by the Homeless Emergency and Rapid Transition to Housing Act of 2009 (HEARTH Act). The grant is available to units of general local government or private nonprofit organizations. The ESG is designed to help improve the quality of existing emergency shelters for the homeless, to make available additional emergency shelters, to help meet the costs of operating emergency shelters and to provide certain essential social services to homeless individuals, so that these persons have access not only to safe and sanitary shelter . The program is also intended to reduce the increase of homelessness through the funding of preventative programs and rapid rehousing activities.

Eligible Applicants
For the State of Delaware ESG, eligible applicants are: 1) Units of general local government located in Kent and Sussex Counties and 2) Private nonprofit organizations located in Kent and Sussex Counties.

Funding Available for FY2019 Allocation

Agencies Awarded Funds in FY2019
Agencies awarded

Agencies Awarded Funds in FY2018
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DSHA Contact Person
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