Multi-Family Mortgage Revenue Bond Program (MFMRB)

This statewide program permits DSHA, through the issuance of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds to finance the acquisition, new construction or substantial rehabilitation of apartment complexes which are available for rent to low-income individuals and families.

How To Apply

  1. Make sure you (the borrower) meet all borrower requirements.
  2. Download and review the provided program documents for further application instructions and forms.

Availability of Funds
Bond financing requests are considered on a case by case basis. Tax exempt issues are limited by the size of the state's allocation of tax exempt bond authority.

Borrower Qualifications

  1. Business Partner Opportunities - This program allows both corporate and private investors to receive a fair return on their investment in affordable housing. The program allows individuals, as well as limited partnerships who own rental housing for low-income families, to utilize the credit.
  2. Low-Income Delawareans - Working low-income families whose incomes do not exceed 60% of the median (in some cases 40% of the median income) based on family size and county location, are eligible to reside in Multi-Family Mortgage Revenue Bond Program sites.

Please download and review the documents below to learn more about this program, get forms, and determine if you qualify.

DSHA Contact Person
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