This statewide program provides a direct federal income tax credit to qualified owners and investors to build, acquire or rehabilitate rental housing units to rent to working low-income Delawareans. It also allows low-income Delawareans who can afford a monthly rent payment, but cannot afford to pay market rate rents.

How To Apply

  1. Make sure you (the borrower) meet all borrower requirements.
  2. Ensure all tenant qualifications are met.
  3. Download and review the provided program documents for further application instructions and forms.

Borrower Qualifications

  1. This program allows both corporate and private investors to receive a fair return on their investment in affordable housing. The program design allows individuals, as well as limited partnerships who own rental housing for low-income families, to utilize the credit.
  2. The equity raised through the tax credit investment make it possible for developers to attract the financing needed to create or restore low-income rental housing.

Tenant Qualifications

  1. Working low-income families whose incomes do not exceed 60% of the median income based on family size and county location, are eligible to reside in tax credit properties. Rents are capped to remain affordable to families earning less than 60% of median income.

2017 LIHTC Funding Round Documentation

2016 LIHTC Funding Round Documentation

Previous Years' Funding Round Documentation
To see older funding round documentation and information, please visit the LIHTC Archival Funding Round Information Page.

Tax Credit Policies, Forms, and Compliance Documentation
Please download and review the documents below to learn more about tax credit policies, get forms, and understand compliance issues.

  1. DSHA Tax Credit Compliance Monitoring Manual (2011)
  2. Post - 15 Compliance Monitoring Procedures
  3. Qualified Contract Process
  4. DSHA Mortgagor's Draw Requisition and Cost Certification Guide

DSHA Program Contact Person
Do you have questions about this program? Would you like to suggest an improvement to this Web page? Please contact Cynthia L. Deakyne, Housing Asset Manager, at 302.739.4263.